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Newsletter and Magazine Back Issues

  • ALL back issues are $8.00 plus shipping when sold individually
  • Substantial savings are available for orders in large quantities
  • A library of all "in stock" newsletters (59) and magazines (61) is priced at only $350 plus shipping (63% off the individual price)
  • The shipping cost for a complete library is $54 for US customers, $304 outside the US (shipped via USPS in 4 medium flat rate boxes)
  • The shipping weight of a complete library is about 75 pounds (34 kilograms). This breaks down to 29 pounds for the newsletters and 46 pounds for the magazines
  • All but 3 newsletters published 1974 - 1991 are currently available. The exceptions are Volume 1 No.2, Volume 2 No.1, and Volume 8 No.2
  • Newsletters which are out of stock shall be reprinted as time allows
  • All magazines published 1991 - 2006 are available
  • All Newsletters and Magazines are currently original editions. Reprints shall be identified in the future
  • DO NOT pay collector prices when unused original copies are available at this price
  • Only 1 copy of any edition or issue per customer
  • Additional Back Issue information is available via the links below


From Buenos Aires to Modena
The History of an Automotive Visionary
By Dr. Daniele Pozzi

  • This is the most elegant book about Alejandro and Isabella de Tomaso and their cars yet published, it is entertaining and informative; it shares stories and pictures you’ve never read or seen before. You will not be disappointed in this book. It is “person oriented” rather than “machine oriented”. It includes interviews with both Isabella and Santiago de Tomaso. Debbie and I believe it is a “must have” for the de Tomaso enthusiast and owner, and perfect for display on your coffee table.
  • The book was originally published in both Italian and English in 2015.
  • The books we are selling are first printings, printed in 2015.
  • The cover dimensions of the hard covered book are 11.25” width and 12.38” length (height). It is 1.25" thick and weighs 4.97 pounds.
  • The book has 241 pages and over 200 amazing images
  • Our Price: $66.00 (plus shipping)
  • Shipping to US customers is $9.00 via USPS media mail
  • Shipping to Canadian customers is $45.00 via priority international mail

Bella Mangusta

The Italian Art and Design of the
De Tomaso Mangusto
by Dick Ruzzin

  • This book will appeal to De Tomaso Mangusta enthusiast as well as art and design lovers.
  • Stunning images as well as informative and entertaining text about the design, mechanics and history of the Mangusta.
  • The book was originally published in 2016
  • The format is paperback
  • Our Price is $42 (plus shipping)
  • Shipping to US customers is $5.00 via USPS media mail

Pantera Ultimate Portfolio

  • A collection of 48 articles spanning 1970 through 2000
  • All models from the prototype to the Pantera Si
  • 208 pages, color covers and 17 pages of color
  • Factory catalogs, road tests and other articles
  • Hundreds of black and white photos
  • Recommended for every Pantera enthusiast.
  • Published by Brooklands Books
  • $35.00
  • Temporarily out of stock - Sorry

Pantera Owner Manual (Blue Cover)

  • Reproduction of the original 1971 manual.
  • Originally printed May 1971
  • Includes a fold out wiring diagram
  • Applicable to original model Panteras, chrome bumpers, chassis 1383 through 4268 (aka Pre-L Panteras).
  • Useful for Pushbutton model Panteras too (chassis 1001 through 1382).
  • $24.00

Pantera Owner Manual (Red Cover)

  • Reproduction of the original "1974" manual.
  • Originally printed June 1973.
  • Includes controls layout for the late model dashboard (approximately chassis 5284 - May 1973).
  • Applicable in some degree to all L Model Panteras, rubber bumpers, beginning chassis 4269
  • $24.00

Mangusta Owner Manual

  • Reproduction of the original Mangusta manual
  • $29.00

Pantera Technical Information

(Ford's Workshop Manual for the Pantera)

  • Reprint of the "Pantera Technical Information" Manual
  • Originally printed in September 1973 by Ford Marketing.
  • Originally bound in a 3-ring notebook binder.
  • This was the repair manual prepared by Ford and used by the Lincoln Mercury Dealer service departments.
  • $72.00

Pantera Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

  • Reprints of the Ford factory technical service bulletins for the Pantera.
  • Includes Bulletin Number 1 (May 1972, Articles Number 1 - 6) through Bulletin Number 14 (April 1975, Articles Number 108 - 118).
  • Includes details for many of the running changes Ford made to the Pantera during the years they controlled production.
  • Also includes Ford's recommendations to the mechanics at the dealerships for resolving various problems and for retrofitting various factory upgrades.
  • Soft bound cover.
  • $18.00

ZF 5DS-25 Gearbox Manual

Two manuals under one cover
Covers both the Dash 1 and Dash 2 versions

  • Reproduction of two original ZF manuals for the 5DS-25 gearbox.
  • Covers both the Dash 1 and Dash 2 versions of the gearbox.
  • Covers assembly, maintenance and operating instructions.
  • Lots of pictures typical of European shop manuals from that era.
  • $23.00
  • Temporarily Out Of Stock - Sorry

Pantera Master Parts Catalog

  • This is a reproduction of the final version of the Ford factory parts catalog.
  • Originally printed April 1975.
  • Soft bound.
  • Parts manuals such as this, with their detailed exploded view diagrams, are a wonderful reference for any mechanic. Highly recommended.
  • $23.00

Mangusta Coach Parts Catalog

  • A reproduction of the Mangusta Parts Catalog prepared by Carrozzeria Ghia S.p.A.
  • Covers the coachwork parts provided by Ghia, not the chassis parts provided by De Tomaso
  • Written in Italian
  • 55 Pages
  • Includes exploded view diagrams of the various parts of the coach.
  • Parts manuals such as this, with their detailed exploded view diagrams, are a wonderful reference for any mechanic. Highly recommended.
  • $40.00

Pantera Service Highlights

(Ford's Pantera Service Training Program Manual)

  • A reproduction of the training manual provided in conjunction with Ford's 1972 Pantera Service Training Program, course code 0322-016. That was the training program designed by Ford to train Lincoln-Mercury service personnel.
  • Originally printed in January 1972 by the Ford Marketing Group
  • Contains many "how-to" pictures and exploded view parts diagrams.
  • Another great resource for the home mechanic.
  • 141 Pages
  • $40.00


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